On Ramp

Belle City CrossFit On Ramp Program

The On Ramp Program is a collection of 5 Classes (1-hour sessions each) designed to give a full-access look at what the CrossFit program entails and what can be expected in each session. These classes are required as an introduction to the Belle City CrossFit Program and our trainers.

On Ramp Classes will get you acclimated into CrossFit and you will learn proper mechanics for squats, Olympic weight lifting, kettle bell techniques, testing movement patterns, and additional CrossFit movements.

Schedule for On Ramp Program (5 sessions)

Session 1
Introduction to Belle City CrossFit
Focus: Air Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat
Session 2
Background of CrossFit
Focus: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, and Pull-up/ Ring Row
Session 3
Intro to Olympic Lifting
Focus: MedBall Clean, Deadlift, and SDLHP
Session 4
Basic Strength Training and Programming and Review of 9 movements
Focus: Box Jumps and Rower
Session 5
Attend a regularly scheduled CrossFit Class!